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Micro Technologies began operations in 1997 in Ventura, California. Ventura is a small seaside city located about 75 miles North of Los Angeles. Paul King, the founder of the company, having worked in the service industry for magneto optical drives, tape drives, reel-to-reel motors, etc. saw the need for a company that focused on providing quality replacement drives for clients whose drives were unrepairable.

Beginning with just a few models in 1997, after 12 years, we stock thousands of drives including MO, UDO, DAT, DLT, AIT, LTO, DVD, and more. We have also have built an excellent reputation for quality and customer service, now offering sales, service, rentals and exchanges of all types of data storage equipment.

While technology has changed considerably over the last 22 years, Micro Technologies has continued to support many end-of-life technologies, as well as feature products on the cutting edge of technology. We now offer RAID, NAS, Hard Disk, Memory, LCD's, Laptops, Recordable Media, Toner and all types of computer equipment.

In 2019, Micro Technologies relocated to Tucson, AZ.  We look forward to many years of business in our new location.

Micro Technologies

6890 E. Sunrise Dr., Suite 120#284,

Tucson, AZ 85750

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